Visual FoxPro Application Development

MicroSoft's Visual FoxPro may no longer be the de facto standard for small and medium size businesses, it does, however,have a large following who understand that, for some jobs, no other tool is better.

Not every business needs a SQL or Oracle database server! Small and medium businesses can easily use local or network data in a multi-user environment. Use the right tool for the right job.

If you are undecided about development tools, consider this :

1. Visual FoxPro is owned and supported by Microsoft
2. Much of the old program can be re-used
3. Visual FoxPro is a powerful, state-of-the art program
4. Microsoft continues to create new and more powerful versions
5. The cost to convert is usually much less
6. The “backend” can be converted to SQL Server
7. The data can be accessed by MS Access, Excel, VB, etc.
8. Visual FoxPro is fast - very, very fast! can do the following for your business ,

New Application
Below is a screenshot of a recent application. The main application has incremental search capabilities and a displays child records and memos.
This app is based on the MEI framework. It was created using the latest in Object Oriented Programming (OOP). Thus,
re-usable code can be used in future client applications.


Convert Legacy Applications

Let bring your FoxPro 2.6 or FPD application into the 21st century ! Much of the existing code can be ported into Visual Fox and your application can be up quickly. I'm not going to lie, it probably needs a complete rewrite. But, many 16 bit apps can be made to run in a 32 bit environment with minimal tweaks. These things can be evaluated based on your time requirements and long-term business goals.

Maintain Your Current FoxPro system

Did your programmer run away ? can jump right in. Ad-hoc queries. Program enhancement. Upsizing. Want your program to do new tricks? It can't hurt to call.

Please consider as a source for your company's FoxPro needs.







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